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  1. Len & Jeanie Clayton says:

    Hi Tim

    May we order

    2 x Cumberland
    2 x Trad
    2 x Jalapeno or siilar for BBQ

    0033 467252660

    Pickup on Olonzac Market Tuesday next if OK with you?

  2. Vagner Sophie says:

    Hello Tim !

    Would you please send me your newslater with the dates you are in Olonzac market and the sausages you ‘re proposing that day.

    Thank you


  3. Mrs Lyn Suter says:

    Can you please send me your date list for St Paul de Fenouillet or nearby as I would love to order some of your sausages and bacon..they sound delicious …I would travel around 1hr..

    • TimO says:

      Hi Lyn, apologies for the delay in replying. I will be coming down your way on the 21st of February – see the latest posting for full details! Hope to see you then, Best wishes, Tim

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