Sausages to the PO, Saturday the 17th of September

I’m coming down again from my mountain top with a selection of fine sausages for you my discerning customers.

I have been having some trouble with my emails recently and would be very grateful if you would ensure that you have received an acknowledgement from me of your order by Friday the 16th of September. That way I won’t disappoint anyone on the day!

I will be making:

Tasty – a simple breakfast sausage

Traditional – a good old-fashioned 19th century, traditional seasoning with lots of English herbs and a superb blend of
ground spices including ground mace and nutmeg, creating a distinguished taste.





London – cracked black pepper, sea salt and sage

West Country – Apple and Cider

Everything still hand made by me. Everything still good to go in the freezer. Nowt but shoulder meat. And everything still 5 euros for 6 big bangers or for a 500 gramme pack of sausage meat.

Drop off points:

0800 – 0810 St Paul de Fenouillet, main square behind the bus stop
0830 – 0840 La Tour de France by the cemetery
1015 – 1030 Prades, behind the big blue Chambre de Commerce building on the way into the town
1130 – 1145 The Domaine Treloar, Trouillas where Jon and Rachel are very kindly hosting me
1215 – 1245 Behind the Salle Polyvalente, St Jean Pla de Corts
1330 – 1345 Stade Gilbert Brutus, Perpignan – round the back by the swimming pool.
1415 – 1430 CANET PLAGE – at the College Cote Radieuse

Further drop off points available on request!!

Any orders gratefully received by bedtime on Monday the 12th of September.

I will be joined again by my chums Ron and Brenda with their selection of UK groceries to order via their website at

Please tell your friends!

Many thanks for reading.

Best wishes

06 77 32 05 28

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