Sausage & Bacon to the PO, Saturday the 25th of April


I will be coming back down the hill to the PO on Saturday the 25th of April with a selection of my fine sausages for the discerning customer.

The sausages I’m making this time are:

Tasty, Traditional, Cumberland, Leek, Jalapeno, and one special, Green Pepper with Shallots

All at 5 euros per packet for six big bangers.

Sausage meat also available for making stuffing, sausage rolls, scotch eggs…… This comes in a 500 gramme vacuum pack and also costs 5 euros.

I will also have a very limited quantity of my hand rubbed, hand sliced, dry cured, matured unsmoked back bacon. Bacon how it used to be, and indeed bacon how it should be. Again, 5 euros for a packet of 8 thick slices.

I will be appearing at the following drop off points:

0800 – 0810 St Paul de Fenouillet, main square behind the bus stop

1015 – 1030 Prades, behind the big blue Chambre de Commerce building on the way into the town

1130 – 1145 The Domaine Treloar, Trouillas where Jon and Rachel are very kindly hosting me
Double up with a banger and fine wine Combo – I will provide free delivery to all those ordering wine from Domaine Treloar
1215 – 1245 Behind the Salle Polyvalente, St Jean Pla de Corts
1330 – 1345 Stade Gilbert Brutus, Perpignan – in front of the old entrance.
1415 – 1430 CANET PLAGE – at the College Cote Radieuse

Please PRE ORDERS ONLY. Orders greatly appreciated by Tuesday evening, 21st of April.

Please tell your friends!

Many thanks for reading.

Best wishes

06 77 32 05 28

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